Keith Gregory's Biography


I am a LMT, an energy artist and originator of Heart Tantra. I work as a Soul Coach, an Advanced Energy Healer and bodyworker. I am clairvoyant, energy intuitive and a masterful facilitator. I’ve studied and practiced an extensive array of alternative healing and consciousness growth modalities for over 35 years. I was born highly empathic, developing my innate intuitive and healing abilities to assist those I work with. I have a gift in helping people heal and grow - by helping them get over themselves.

As a result of a Spiritual awakening in 1972 at the age of 13, I felt a profound desire to awaken and serve others in this way and from this intention, Heart Tantra was born. In addition to my private practice, I facilitate seminars and workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad. My book Awakening The Sacred Masculine is set for publication in 2014.



The main influences in my work were found and developed through my own arduous self healing journey. I strongly rely on prayer, meditation, breath conscious exercise, Advanced Energy and Esoteric Healing  along with all Yoga to enliven my health and empower my over all well being.

I work in America, travel internationally teaching an enlightened form of healing and Self-awareness. This profound yet simple approach to Advanced Energy Healing and in turn, living well is called Heart Tantra.





I’ve found and developed the significant inspirations in my life through my own arduous self-healing journey. I strongly rely on daily prayer, meditation, breath conscious exercise as well as Yoga to enliven my health and maintain my overall well-being.

The primary influences in my work are Advanced Energy Healing, graduated from The School Of Energy Mastery, Sedona, AZ in 1997 (where I lived for 10 yrs) and Esoteric Healing (as introduced in A. Bailey’s writings).

I began my formal massage training in 1982, at W. Ohashi's Shiatsu Education Center Of America in NYC and became a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in 1989 upon graduating from the Educating Hands School Of Massage in Miami, FL. I’ve studied Sacred Sexual Healing work with David Cates at The Sedona School of Temple Arts in Sedona, AZ.

Over the years I’ve attended numerous workshops, training’s and seminars studying a far reaching array of esoteric, holistic, naturopathic and allopathic healing modalities. All of these many experiences, along with living a very interesting life - not the least of which was working in the restaurant business, owning, managing and tending bar for over 15 yrs, all helping to deepen my understanding of the world and expand my natural abilities as a healing facilitator.

While living in Sedona in 1997, I began my Awakening The Sacred Masculine studies, training, mentoring and later co-facilitating with Nicole Christine (who originated and taught the Awakening The Priestess Process in Tucson, AZ (calling in to embody the Sacred Feminine consciousness)). She facilitated this first initiatory men’s circle called Awakening The Priest Process, a nine month gestation journey, exploring the new paradigm version of the old mass consciousness archetypes, present in each of us men and all too alive in our world.

It was through my work with Nicole that I am Knighted in The Order of Tara and an ordained High Priest in the Fellowship of Isis.





Among other community services performed, I’ve been a Hospice volunteer in Sedona, AZ and designed and facilitated an infant massage program at a women's correctional center in Asheville, NC.

As a facilitator, my personal mission and professional commitment is to serve, support, celebrate and inspire all whom I work with. It is always to empower you to empower yourself. My gift is in connecting people to their Souls and empowering them to empower themselves in their connection to God - all to achieve their highest personal fulfillment and Spiritual attainment.

Along with the professional training and accumulation of knowledge gathered throughout my life, it’s been my challenging personal journey that qualifies me as a healing practitioner. My personal quest to offset the effects of a highly dysfunctional childhood - by healing the deep set patterns of chronic addiction, self-worth, fear and anger issues, has been the grist and fuel, motivating my own self-healing.

My life has indeed been a mélange of extremes. Along with having had a profound Spiritual awakening at an early age, I’ve gone to the far reaches of the spectrum as well. I bartended, hard core heavy in NYC's Lower East Side in the early 1980's, owning a restaurant in Tribeca and then moving and working on South Beach, Miami to round out the decade, living an extreme, lounge-lizard lifestyle all the while. In this respect, I’ve journeyed the hard earned miles of my own awakening, often in very difficult and challenging ways ...

Due to a prolonged two year, existential hell-realm meltdown beginning in 2001, I was forced to pass through my Dark Night Of The Soul. Or die. In various versions, this highly Shamanic and alchemical process has occurred a number of times throughout my life. Among the profound, life empowering gifts these passages provided, out of necessity, I learned to embrace and transform my Shadow side. To do so required I ignite and embody the love and compassion to forgive my own shortcomings.

By doing this, I learned to hold Sacred space first for myself and in turn, for others. This allows me to assists others to successfully pass through their darkest passages intact. I am a tireless champion and ally for those willing to go through their self-doubt and fears, reflecting back their Soul’s radiance, all to encourage them to achieve their Heart and Soul’s deepest desires. My abilities as a healing facilitator are masterful and unique.

I’ve traveled, lived and worked internationally, recently living on Ibiza, Spain. I now live in NY, sharing my time between upstate and NYC, where I have active practices.

I have this to share about my work:
t really is all about you loving yourself more. Until you hold all of yourself in unconditional forgiveness, compassion and love (or as close as you can), you’ll always look outside for the world and everything in it to do this for you. And this will never happen ~

The unconscious need to constantly seek external approval, validation and love consistently creates the frustration, disappointment and disillusionment so prevalent in the world today. Only when you open your Heart to hold all of your emotional wounds, will you successfully transform, heal and release these wounds and all that’s ever blocked your connection to your own Sacred Self ~

Heaven and Earth, Spirit and flesh meet in your open Heartspace. This is where the Sacred lives in and through you. Only by being present in your Heartspace will you ever know true peace, lasting joy and personal fulfillment. And this you must do for yourself ~

I believe the Soul's quest and our Spiritual destiny is to consciously unite with Source. Your open and empowered Heartspace is your living doorway to the Divine in your life. Here you will embody your Sacred, living It in your life and expressing It in your world ~

Please know I only work through our Higher Self connection and agreement and always for your highest and greatest good ~

My personal and professional commitment is always to empower you to empower yourself.